Joining the lab


Applications are invited for a postdoctoral scholar position. We are looking for a highly motivated, exceptionally bright, and collaborative candidate with a strong background in wet neuroscience.

Description: The position will involve research into fundamental neural circuit mechanisms of stimulus selection and spatial attention. The research will span two model systems - barn owls, and mice -  and will start with experiments in owls. A demonstrable history of insightful research in (animal) neuroscience will be valued highly. A background in in vivo techniques for measurement and manipulation of neural activity (such as electrophysiology, calcium imaging, optogenetics), experience in animal behavior, and a facility with programming and quantitative methods will all be strong pluses. Key assets of the postdoc will be the desire as well as ability to think deeply about questions in neuroscience, and the drive to perform creative and impactful research experiments; a PhD is required. 
    The postdoc will plug into a vibrant community of world-class neuroscientists at Hopkins, where the research environment is collegial, nurturing, and
collaborative. The position is funded for at least three years, with an initial one-year appointment and expectation of annual extensions contingent on satisfactory progress.

To apply:
Please email your CV along with a cover letter (describing your interests, goals, and fit with the described position) as one combined PDF to shreesh.mysore AT, with the subject: "[Postdoc position': <your name>". In addition, please have reference letters from three scientists familiar with your work emailed to
shreesh.mysore AT with the subject: "[Postdoc position': Letter for <your name>". We are looking to fill the position as soon as possible (with a flexible start date till Fall 2017).

We are always interested in hearing from really smart and talented folks who are passionate about science, highly motivated, and work well with others. Please send me an email with your CV, a description of your research interests (what you wish to accomplish), and a few lines on why you think our lab may be the right place for you.
       We are committed to the advancement of each lab member towards their career goals, to their work/life balance, and to a positive work environment.

Prospective graduate students: 1) Make sure to apply to the graduate program in Psychological and Brain Sciences (or alternatively, in one of the other relevant disciplines at JHU, for instance, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, etc). 2) Send me a note with your CV, a description of your research interests (what you wish to accomplish), and why you think our lab may be the right place for you.